Bianchi Pista


From their Sports cars to footballers pony tails it's clear to see that the Italians are a nation obsessed with looks, even if they go off the rail with a dodgy barnet or two.  True to form Bianchi have built arguably the best looking bike on the block.  We don't know whether to ride the Bianchi or take it to fine restaurants and shower it with expensive gifts.  

The Steel Pista with its chrome finish and sleek white drop downs truly is a sight for sore eyes, and is a fixed gear which will get you noticed around town. Similarly the retro paint colours of the steel Condotti and Brera give this baby a real touch of class.  

The Pista frame is built in the mould of a track bike with a little extra height than most fixed gears; this lifts the pedals slightly higher and is a nice touch when you take corners at pace and need to lean into them.  Likewise with track bikes the CrMo steel frame has a stiff and solid feel which gives you the confidence to throw it about.  The Pista comes as a fixed and depending on the model you choose you'll get a front brake attached, so you'll appreciate the stiffness when you need to skid to a quick stop.  The 48 tooth chainring and Shimano 16t cassette is a decent ratio for city riding giving you enough power to build up speed without being too tough to build speed from standing, especially as the bike weighs in at a respectable 9kg.  However like a lot single speed bikes it's not too forgiving over bumps, especially if you're riding on high pressure tyres.  

The Pista carries a higher price tag than a lot of its competitors so you'd expect the components to be top quality. Thankfully they are.  The slimline 15mm Maddux Track Rims mean this bike flies, whilst Velvo take care of the styling with some high quality hand grips and seat.  The newest member to the Pista family is it's two aluminum models with a nod to Specialized's steel or alu choice, and likewise has carbon forks to keep the weight down and speed up.

This Bianchi Pista is Italian through and through; stylish, expensive and a little unpredictable if you're not used to riding fixed.  It's one of the more expensive fixed gears and if you're after  value there's certainly others which beat it, but if you want to carve up the city with style and speed than you should think about dating one of these little beauties!