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From trendy East Londoners to city boy commuters Single Speed bikes are taking over our cities. They're speedy, stylish and fun to ride, and with only one gear to worry about they're easy to look after. Refurbished vintage racer's are popular and can be found through second hand sites, whilst custom build companies will help you build a bike from scratch; but if you're looking to buy and ride there are plenty of decent off the rack single speed bikes and fixies to choose from, especially as more experienced bike makers and fixed gear specialists join the party.

If it's your first time riding a single speed bike there's a lot to consider, and much of it will be based on personal preference. Choosing between a fixie with a fixed rear hub, or a single speed where you can free wheel like a normal bike is your first choice. Most single speed bikes come with flip flop hubs which allow you to switch between the two. You'll need to consider whether you want a steel frame which will give you a more solid ride or an aluminium bike which will weigh less and make up on speed what you lose on stability. Quality of the components, and depending on your budget value for money are worth thinking about, as well as styling because everyone wants a bike that looks as good as it rides!

We've reviewed the most popular and picked our favourites, to hopefully make that choice a bit easier.

Happy riding - single-speedbicycles.com

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